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Individual Card Detail

A complete solution for building, detail tracking and approximate valuation of your Vintage Sports Card set. Each specific set version is pre-populated with all Player Names and Card Numbers based on SMR published checklists. Provides at-a-glance answers to what cards you currently have, the technical condition of each card, what cards are still needed and what you might expect to pay for cards still needed.

  • Records Cost on each card acquired

  • Records Certification Numbers for TPG cards

  • Records Side to Side (L/R) and Top to Bottom (T/B) Centering values

  • Custom Menu Bar adds the most commonly used functions in SetBilder




Built In Price Guide

Calculates and Displays approximate card values based on selected grade and published valuations for:

  • Each of the Top 3 Third Party Grading companies (SGC, PSA and BGS) including half point grades and PSA Qualifiers

  • Grading Companies "OTHER" than the Top 3 TPGs

  • Ungraded by TPG or "OPINION" graded cards

Allows Customization of card valuations based on your personal preferences for:

  • Values Returned for each one of the Top 3 TPGs in relation to the other 2

  • Values Returned for "OTHER" Grading Companies in relation to the Top 3

  • Values Returned for cards in the range of POOR to VGEX+ where published values are not available

  • Values Returned for High End  or "MARKET" value cards where published values are not available





Comprehensive Set Statistics & Summary

  • TOTAL COUNT of all cards acquired and cards still needed

  • TOTAL COUNT of all 3rd Party Graded cards

  • TOTAL COUNT of all Opinion Graded cards

  • AVERAGE GRADE of all cards in your set

  • WEIGHTED AVERAGE GRADE of all cards in your set

  • AVERAGE CENTERING values Side to Side (S/S) and Top to Bottom (T/B) of all cards

  • APPROXIMATE SET VALUE (Break Value) based on the current Price Guide

  • TOTAL SET COST based on the sum of your cost entries

  • AVERAGE COST of each card acquired

  • TOTAL COUNT  for each different grade range by each TPG in your set

  • TOTAL COUNT  for each different grade range of “OPINION” graded card in your set

  • SUMMARY TOTAL NUMBER of cards graded  by the Top 3 TPGs in the range of 5 thru 8.5

  • CURRENT VERSION of the installed Price Guide





Set Reporting

PRINTED or PDF* reporting on your entire set With or Without Cost Values

* PDF Reporting Requires PDF Application (ie: Acrobat) or Windows 10 built in Print to PDF

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