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Over the years I have looked at many different offerings claiming to be the "End All - Be All" software package for Sports Card Collection management. Almost all of these were poorly designed applications written by either a database company with no knowledge of the cards themselves or by an individual Card Collector with not a lot of programming experience. None were written specifically for Vintage Card Collectors.

I am a 20+ year IT guy and an even longer time Vintage Sports Card Collector. Development of SetBilder began several years ago with the simple goal of creating a good way to track my 1955 Topps set. Over that time frame many modifications and enhancements have been made based on numerous “What Is" or "How many” or “I need to” questions.  Being a Vintage Card Collector, a Software Developer and a SetBilder User - I think that you will appreciate the concept, the design and the functionality built into each version.


Software built by a vintage sports card collector - for vintage sports card collectors

SetBilder offers an elegant solution to maintaining the key elements required by vintage card collectors and an intuitive interface has always been the driving force in developing the application. Each version is a custom build designed for managing an individual vintage card set from a specific card year and a specific card company. All versions are uniform and have the exact same Look, Feel, and Functionality.

All versions are offered as a 90 day free trial in order for you to fully evaluate before purchasing. At Checkout - Use the Promo Code FREETRIAL and you will not be charged. Once you decide that SetBilder is right for you - your trial version is easily converted to a fully licensed version.


Functionality details and screenshots are displayed on the SHOW ME page.


Documentation, Set Availability, System Requirements and Price Guide Updates can be found on the VERSIONS page.

Purchases and Free Trial downloads are available on the STORE page.

Specific requests for a particular vintage set build are always welcome.  Click on the CONTACT ME button to send a message with your request.

Finally, it is my goal to make sure that you are 100% satisfied with SetBilder. Your purchase includes :


- Full Technical Support

- A Timely Response to all questions

- Clean Software free of adware, viruses, and spyware 

- No Hidden Charges - Free Version & Price Guide Updates

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