Individual Card Detail

A complete solution for building, detail tracking and approximate valuation of your Vintage Sports Card set. Each specific set version is populated with all Player Names and Card Numbers based on SMR published checklists. Provides at-a-glance answers to what cards you currently have, the technical condition of each card, what cards are still needed and what you might expect to pay for cards still needed.

  • Records Cost on each card acquired

  • Records Certification Numbers for TPG cards

  • Records Side to Side (L/R) and Top to Bottom (T/B) Centering values




Built In Price Guide

Calculates and Displays approximate card values based on selected grade and published valuations for:

  • Each of the Top 3 Third Party Grading companies (SGC, PSA and BGS) including half point grades and PSA Qualifiers

  • Grading Companies "OTHER" than the Top 3 TPGs

  • Ungraded by TPG or "OPINION" graded cards

Allows Customization of card valuations based on your personal preferences for:

  • Values Returned for each one of the Top 3 TPGs in relation to the other 2

  • Values Returned for "OTHER" Grading Companies in relation to the Top 3

  • Values Returned for cards in the range of POOR to VGEX+ where published values are not available

  • Values Returned for High End  or "MARKET" value cards where published values are not available





Comprehensive Set Statistics & Summary

  • TOTAL COUNT of all cards acquired and cards still needed

  • TOTAL COUNT of all 3rd Party Graded cards

  • TOTAL COUNT of all Opinion Graded cards

  • AVERAGE GRADE of all cards in your set

  • WEIGHTED AVERAGE GRADE of all cards in your set

  • AVERAGE CENTERING values Side to Side (S/S) and Top to Bottom (T/B) of all cards

  • APPROXIMATE SET VALUE (Break Value) based on the current Price Guide

  • TOTAL SET COST based on the sum of your cost entries

  • AVERAGE COST of each card acquired

  • TOTAL COUNT  for each different grade range by each TPG in your set

  • TOTAL COUNT  for each different grade range of “OPINION” graded card in your set

  • SUMMARY TOTAL NUMBER of cards graded  by the Top 3 TPGs in the range of 5 thru 8.5

  • CURRENT VERSION of the installed Price Guide





Set Reporting

PRINTED or PDF* reporting on your entire set With or Without Cost Values

* PDF Reporting Requires PDF Application (ie: Acrobat) or Windows 10 built in Print to PDF




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